Amanda Seales Show ‘Church Weed’ | EPISODE 24

Amanda Seales Show ‘Church Weed’ | EPISODE 24
Amanda Seales Show ‘Church Weed’ | EPISODE 24

Amanda Seales Show ‘Church Weed’ | EPISODE 24

Amanda Seales Show ‘Church Weed’ | EPISODE 24

Mega Pastor Jamal Bryant turns heads with his comment about the church getting into the weed business to help attract more young Black males. In Blackurate news Bill Cosby is getting sued again for additional sexual abuse allegations, ABC struggling with what to do with TJ Holmes and the fallout if he goes and his co-host who he had an affair with stays. Another officer involved with George Floyd’s murder is jailed. Amanda gives her Public Seales Announcement and Big Up Let Down including R. Kelly who snuck an album out last week only for it to be taken down…


(02:54) Blackurate News : Bill Cosby Sued By 5 Women In New Sexual Abuse Lawsuit And Chaos At Abc Over Whether To Fire T.J. Holmes But Keep Amy Robach And Create A Racial Firestorm

(14:18)  Give Us A Call At 1 855 Amanda 8 That’s 1 855 262 6328, Last Week We Played A Clip Of A Man Who Was Paying The Bills And Name Was Not On The Lease And He Was Put Out, This Caller Has A Reaction To Something That Was Said.

(28:37) Big Up/Let Down:  Big Up – Missy Elliott Donates $20K To Norfolk State During Commencement Speech.  Let Down – R. Kelly Releases An Album From Jail And Its Quickly Pulled Down From Streaming Services.

(35:49) Coming Up We Talk About The Democrats Celebrating Adding A Seat To The Senate One Decides To Leave The Party Which Could Make Things Difficult To Govern.  The World’s First Artificial Intelligent Model Is A Black Woman But A White Man Is Behind It And People Are Upset.

(49:54) Public Seales Announcement: Amanda Seales Talks About People Who Had Something To Say About Freeing Britney Griner.

(54:46) Trevor Noah Says Goodbye, And Salutes Black Women.





If you have a comment leave Amanda a message at 1 855-AMANDA-8 that’s 1-855-262-6328

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Amanda Seales Show ‘Church Weed’ | EPISODE 24

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