Ayo Xo is an artist using his music to empower the world

Ayo Xo is an artist using his music to empower the world
Ayo Xo is an artist using his music to empower the world

Ayo Xo is an artist using his music to empower the world

When the industry embraces negativity and violence, artist Ayo Xo devotes his career to uplifting and spreading positivity to his fans.

Nigerian born Joseph Olufarati, has grown into the Texas artist known to many by the stage name Ayo Xo. Combining his middle name ‘Ayo’ and the expression of faith in his career with the symbolic ‘Xo,’ his name became one that resonated with fans he never knew he’d touch. Having a taste of music in 2019 with his first song release, Ayo Xo wasn’t ready for all the positive feedback that would be given by strangers who instantly became fans. That wave was jeopardized in 2020 when Ayo Xo fell ill and had to be hospitalized, but that in itself was all a part of fate’s plans. Ayo Xo would be tended to by a doctor that listened to his music and encouraged the young artist to continue believing in himself and chase his dreams.

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With a new fire in his heart, Ayo Xo found even deeper passion through his words and the musical influences of major artists like Fleetwood Mac, Tame Impala and Kanye West. His songs found greater meaning, touching lives, and empowering his community and fans globally. His ability to create songs that merge between pop and hip hop has a sound that hooks audiences then connects with them through his melodies and inspiring lyrics.

Ayo Xo has been soaking up all the love and support thus far and has something special cooking up for fans to enjoy. His new single, “Higher Mercy” will make its way to streaming platforms on August 25th and is said to be his best work yet. Ayo Xo is an artist not only for himself, but the world. With so many others saying nothing on songs, artists like Ayo Xo are even more valuable and should be supported. Follow his socials and stay tuned for his upcoming single “Higher Mercy.”

Tweets by JosephOlufXo
Tweets by JosephOlufXo
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Ayo Xo is an artist using his music to empower the world

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