Former Celtics Forward Jokes About Jayson Tatum’s Workout

Former Celtics Forward Jokes About Jayson Tatum’s Workout

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Jayson Tatum has had a busy offseason getting ready for another competitive with the Boston Celtics.

From individual workouts to sessions with NBA champion Paul Pierce, Tatum is locked in to lead the Celtics through another competitive year in the Eastern Conference.

The all-NBA player was back in the weight room, per a team-provided video on Thursday. Tatum squatted four plates and one smaller bit of weight on each side of a deadlift.

Former Celtic-turned-Dallas Maverick Grant Williams saw the video and took his chance to have some fun with his old teammate. Tatum and Williams jokingly bantered throughout their Celtics tenure that continued on Thursday.

“That’s it? Add more plates,” Williams joked in a social media comment at Tatum.

It’s safe to say that Tatum looks physically ready to lead the Celtics on another deep playoff run.

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Former Celtics Forward Jokes About Jayson Tatum’s Workout

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