How to make love to a woman!

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One of the biggest problems men face is knowing how to make love to a woman!

Unfortunately what commonly happens is men get their sexual advice friends or from pornography. As a result, they have a distorted view of what sex is actually about.

If you really want to know how to make love, you should follow a PROVEN system that is guaranteed to give pleasure to a woman.

In this article, I’ll discuss a step-by-step system that many guys use to have great sex:

Step 1- Put her in ‘The Mood’

Before you have sex, you have to put your woman in the mood. This involves setting up the right kind of environment which will enhance her pleasure.

To put her in the mood, you should darken the room, light some candles and put on good music. Your focus should be to create an atmosphere which emphasizes sensuality.

Step 2- Use foreplay

Foreplay is one of the most important things to learn about how to make love to a woman. Using foreplay is the best way to transition from a conversation to having sex.

Typically foreplay involves kissing, “heavy petting” and sensual massages. The rule of thumb is to really focus on her pleasure and start building up intensity.

Step 3- Give her oral sex

Towards the end of foreplay, you need to start giving her oral sex. Start slowly and use your tongue and fingers.

Since women like different things in oral sex, try to experiment with various oral sex techniques. When you see her get really excited, continue to do whatever is getting her into it.

Step 4- Tease her

Once you’ve brought her to the pinnacle of pleasure from oral sex, you should start to have sex. Now most guys will just start having sex without any thought.

This is a mistake!

Instead of going right for sex, you should start to tease her. What you should do is go slowly and start to have sex, then stop. Keep doing this till she goes crazy and practically pulls you inside her.

Step 5- Start slowly and build up intensity

Now once you’ve having sex, it’s important to change paces (and positions). Again your focus is to concentrate on her pleasure and make sure she’s really enjoying herself.

What really works is to build up speed then pull back to a slow and sensual pace. Keep doing this pattern till both of you can’t take it anymore.

Knowing how to make love to a woman is an important skill to have. If you can follow the five step process I described in this article, you’ll instantly become the best lover she’s ever had.

Now all you have to do is go find a woman to practice your new skills!

According to: juicyjossy9

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