Op-Ed: Proselytizers of Transgenderism Blame Opponents for Youth Mental Health Issues Concerning Males Banned From Female Sports

Op-Ed: Proselytizers of Transgenderism Blame Opponents for Youth Mental Health Issues Concerning Males Banned From Female Sports

LGBTQ+ youth experienced a higher rate of depression and suicide long before transgenderism became a rad fade. An agenda of indoctrination by Woke radicals has promoted an attitude of entitlement for bio males to participant in bio female sports.   File photo: Nito, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Members of the Pride Liberation Project (PLP) do trans youth a disservice by spreading nonscientific biology and anatomy falsehoods concerning the human body and brain. And the misinformation and disinformation these Woke liberals heap upon on adolescents concerning the myth that a male can become a female and a female can become a male, is horrendous and harmful, not just physically but psychologically, socially, and spiritually.                          

And when citizens have no choice but to pass laws to protect the adolescents that become victims of gender-bending ideology in sports, the PLP blames the mental health issues of “depression and suicide” on parents, peers, politicians, and anymore that stands up for factual information and fairness. 

When trans youth swallow the false narrative that sports organizations should allow biological males to compete against biological females and as a result they perceive unfairness, rejection, and discrimination, the fault belongs to the rhetoric from PLP and like-minded LGBTQ+ individuals and groups. Lies have consequences.  

Furthermore, Bruce Jenner (aka Caitlyn), former Olympic champion, agrees that biological males do not belong in female sports, as reported on NBC News. Five states in 2021 passed laws or implemented executive orders limiting the ability of transgender youths to play sports or receive certain medical treatment.  

I agree that transgender athletes take opportunities away from females – and the accompanying emotions and issue of unfairness may initiate mental health issues in competing women. Pressure from Woke school districts and Woke peers may also limit bio females from speaking out.  

“Our daughters are also going through puberty and developing breasts and hips and having a period every month,” a parent said, noting that the biological male athlete does not have that and has greater lung capacity, muscle mass and bone density. The parent added that girls will lose opportunities for scholarships over this, as noted in Townhall. 

Virginia Wants to Ban Males in Female Sports 

According to a 2022 article in Townhall, H.B. 1387 stipulates that schools and universities must categorize sports teams “based on biological sex” as teams for female students, teams for male students, or coed teams that include both.  

Furthermore, Virginia’s Department of Education posted new model policies directing school districts to require transgender students to use restrooms, locker rooms and participate in programs that align with their biological sex rather than their “gender identity,” as reported in Townhall. 

However, proponents and supporters of youth transgenderism refer to those who support science, biology, and religion as being responsible for stigma and discrimination. And the children that adhere to trans propaganda are the ones that suffer. No child is born in the wrong body – and feelings are not facts. Parents that promote or push transgenderism on their children have bought into the falsehood and rhetoric. 

Pride Liberation Project Criticizes Opponents 

“Rather than introducing policy solutions that build safe and affirming schools though, our lawmakers are focused on attacking a student population that experiences extraordinarily high rates of depression and suicide,” members of the LGBTQ+ organization Pride Liberation Project said in a statement to the Washington Post. 

Hold on. LGBTQ+ youth experienced a higher rate of depression and suicide long before transgenderism became a rad fade. An agenda of indoctrination by Woke radicals has promoted an attitude of entitlement for bio males to participant in bio female sports.  

How low will Woke adults go? Blaming a suicide death on a law (and opponents) to protest factual biology and fairness in female sports for the purpose of promoting a gender ideology agenda based upon feelings and falsehoods is exponentially gruesome.   

The PLP needs to fund a research study on the detransitioning youth and adults.  


Detransition is generally understood within medical, transgender, and detrans communities to mean the process of stopping or reversing medical transition and returning to living as one’s biological sex.” 


Federal Legislation to Protect Children 

In a similar vein, Marjorie Taylor Greene sponsored The Protect Children’s Innocence Act – H.R.8731 introduced in the House 08/19/22:  


This bill places restrictions on the provision of gender affirming care. Gender affirming care includes performing surgery, administering medication, or performing other procedures for the purpose of changing the body of an individual to correspond to a sex that differs from the individual’s biological sex. 

Specifically, the bill makes it a felony to perform any gender affirming care on a minor and it permits a minor on whom such care is performed to bring a civil action against each individual who provided the care. 

Additionally, the bill prohibits the use of federal funds for gender affirming care or for health insurance that covers such care. Such care may not be provided in a federal health care facility or by a federal employee. The bill also prohibits qualified health plans from including coverage for gender affirming care. Further, plans that include coverage for such care are not eligible for federal subsidies. 

Finally, the bill prohibits institutions of higher education from offering instruction in gender affirming care. It also makes any non-U.S. national (alien under federal law) who performs gender affirming care on a minor deportable and inadmissible to the United States. 

The restrictions under this bill do not apply to the provision of care under certain circumstances such as when an individual does not have normal sex chromosome structure, sex steroid hormone production, or sex steroid hormone action. 

Legislation has to be passed to protect children from the radical proselytizers of gender ideology – specifically transgenderism. Biology is not bigotry, and those who speak out are not transphobic or haters.  

Liberal Mainstream Media Supports Transgenderism in Sports 

And of course, the mainstream media mafia will be asking themselves one question: “How can we spin the mental health issues of trans youth to help shun, accuse, arrest, and jail transgender deniers in sports? The goal is censorship and the destruction of free speech. Why? To usher in the age of socialism and totalitarianism in the USA. The corporate media is a weaponized arm of the Deep State regime. And these gender-bending autocrats, technocrats, and global elites are using children as pawns. 

Citizens, unite and stand up for the protection of our children. Contact your state representatives, school boards, and sporting organizations.  

The best way to help transgender kids is speaking the truth with compassion. No child is born in the wrong body. Affirm their biological sex/gender. Let them know that each individual child is deserving of love and worthy as a human being. Children believe what adults tell them to believe, whether truth or lies.  

If someone you know is considering suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text “STRENGTH” to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741 or go to suicidepreventionlifeline.org

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Op-Ed: Proselytizers of Transgenderism Blame Opponents for Youth Mental Health Issues Concerning Males Banned From Female Sports

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