Ralphie Gang music is a tale of loss, sorrow, and hope

Ralphie Gang music is a tale of loss, sorrow, and hope
Ralphie Gang music is a tale of loss, sorrow, and hope

Ralphie Gang music is a tale of loss, sorrow, and hope

Ralphie Gang music is a tale of loss, sorrow, and hope

Coming up from the streets, Ralphie copes with the trauma of his past and life through his music.

Growing up in his city of Savannah, GA, Derrell Jackson adopted the name Ralphie Gang when making the decision to pursue music as a full-time career. He is the main movement behind the brand and Music Group “RalphieGang” that was established by young black men trying to make it out of the streets. Ralphie Gang’s childhood shaped him into the artist he is. He experienced seeing his mother pushed out a 2-story window, breaking her arms and legs, and doing prison time. But what turned his life into darkness was the death of his twin brother to gun violence at 14-years-old. Ralphie Gang spiraled into a state of revenge, leaving school, and dedicating his life to the streets to cope with the pain.

Ralphie Gang would end up witnessing many traumatizing scenes in his hood, Hitch Village Projects before ending up doing dirt himself, ending up being incarcerated on different occasions. As the years went by, Ralphie Gang sank deeper into the streets, but his saving grace became his daughter and family. Music was always a part of his life but never being able to pay the bills kept it as a hobby rather than a serious career path. Once his daughter gave him something to live for again, he began to realize people he once knew were off to college or building their legacy starting businesses. That was enough motivation to make the decision to turn his attention to developing his craft and focusing on music.

Ralphie Gang’s style of sound began to connect with his growing fanbase. His authenticity and raw emotion that conveys all the hardships and tragedy he’s experienced speaks to fans in a way few artists do. In time, he was being recognized wherever he went, even kids on his socials began looking up to the rapper. This only fueled Ralphie Gang to go harder, creating a future where his daughter doesn’t have to know the streets or deal with the dark side of his past. With a prayer in his heart, Ralphie Gang aims to make it out the hood by the grace of God and his musical talents. His inspiration draws from underdogs that worked hard to make it out of the mud, whether artists or anyone aiming to better their situation.

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Ralphie Gang continues to chart his way forward, utilizing his music not only for himself, but to be the voice of many normally not given an ear. Whether down times, or moments reminiscing on his lost twin, he turns to music as his outlet to bleed his emotions. Through real life bars and vivid visuals, he tells his story to help others through their darkness. Ralphie Gang has built up a sizable following and is now ready to release his project titled “Trapped.” The name is a reflection of his path, clawing through the hardships that made him feel caged from a life of happiness and peace while trying to make it out. With 11 songs in its composition, fans can expect nothing but raw, real, passionate, and emotional music from the depths of everything Ralphie Gang has endured to this point. “Trapped” are for those fighting for a way out, a symbol of hope in their time of solitude.

Ralphie Gang is a light through dark times in his hood and has their backing. Follow his socials and stay tuned for his upcoming project, “Trapped.”

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Ralphie Gang music is a tale of loss, sorrow, and hope

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