Three Malcolm Brogdon Replacements For Celtics (If Necessary)

Three Malcolm Brogdon Replacements For Celtics (If Necessary)
Three Malcolm Brogdon Replacements For Celtics (If Necessary)

Three Malcolm Brogdon Replacements For Celtics (If Necessary)

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The Boston Celtics might need to consider preparing a backup plan.

Malcolm Brogdon, who was previously floated in trade rumors before Boston shipped Marcus Smart out in a three-team swap for Kristaps Porzingis, might not be on great terms with the Celtics. Whether it’d be due to trade rumors or the way Brogdon’s late-season elbow injury was handled during the playoffs, the developments aren’t leaning in favor of the Celtics as Opening Night quickly approaches.

So, what’s next?

Well, there’s no guarantee that Brogdon is either committed or out on Boston, but one thing is certain: the Celtics can’t mess around with their guard depth. After Smart was dealt to the Memphis Grizzlies, Brogdon’s value to Boston instantly rose to its highest point since the Celtics acquired him last offseason. He’s not even a year removed from winning Sixth Man of the Year, due to inherit a greater level of responsibility with Boston, assuming Brodgon’s buying into the 2023-24 season.

If not, it’ll be time for the Celtics to execute plan B: searching for a veteran guard to lead the reserve unit, playing behind Derrick White.

It’s not ideal to encounter unknown territory with a key puzzle piece to a championship-contending team, certainly not after an offseason filled with difficult decisions to follow up a dissapointing finish in the Eastern Conference finals. But that’s where the Celtics are at.

Keeping the uncertainty surrounding Brogdon in mind, here are three possible replacements — all free agents in 2024 –to consider before the season tips off in October:

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets
The Nets are in shambles and they know it. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving out, Brooklyn’s been once again reduced to a mediocre soon-to-be punching bag for years to come in the East — that we know.

So, that makes the Nets an ideal trading partner for the Celtics to swoop in and play vulture.

Spencer Dinwiddie, 30, is one of the NBA’s more underrated guards. Last season he averaged 17.3 points after being dealt back to Brooklyn in part of the Irving trade. Dinwiddie also averaged 6.5 assists, shooting 43.8% from the field. Without an extension signed with the Nets, Brooklyn’s indecisiveness with Dinwiddie could favor Boston. They’re not new to lending the Celtics a helping hand anyway, right?

Buddy Hield, Indiana Pacers
In light of recent developments with the Indiana Pacers, there’s no reason the Celtics shouldn’t keep an eye on 2016 first-rounder Buddy Hield.

The Pacers and Hield have already begun exploring possible trade partners just weeks before the start of the regular season, according to Shams Charania of The Atheltic. The 30-year-old veteran is working under an expiring contract, earning $19.2 million this upcoming season before entering free agency next summer.

Hield ranked sixth in 3-pointers made last season, draining 3.6 per game at a 42.5% rate while averaging averaging 16.8 points and five rebounds. That’s an obvious plus for the Celtics who were huge proponents of chucking up outside shots left and right under head coach Joe Mazzulla’s offensive play style last season.

As the Celtics did with Irving six years ago, a simple phone call couldn’t hurt.

Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks
The Milwaukee Bucks have a championship-caliber core already, but what they don’t have is commitment from two-time MVP and superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo.

With that being said, nothing can be ruled out with the Bucks.

Antetokounmpo, who could turn the Bucks from favorites in the East, to draft lottery scavengers in the blink of an eye, isn’t committing to Milwaukee yet and has already threatened to bail.

In other words, potentially great news for the Celtics.

Two-time All-Star Jrue Holiday could be a trading chip in the event that Antetokounmpo does flee, and one that would certainly fit well in Boston. The 33-year-old, already with NBA Finals experience under his belt, has both scoring (19.3 points last season) and defensive intensity (1.2 steals last season) working in his favor — two attributes the Celtics need.

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Three Malcolm Brogdon Replacements For Celtics (If Necessary)

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