Yudago Mercy A.K.A. DJ FIA

Yudago Mercy A.K.A. DJ FIA
Yudago Mercy A.K.A. DJ FIA

Yudago Mercy A.K.A. DJ FIA

Yudago Mercy A.K.A. DJ FIA

Distinct cadence with a gritty tone that throttles, Yudago Mercy’s flow and style of delivery is complimented by eclectic beats, derivative of R&B, pop, soul, and international/dance hall. Relishing in the ability to trade sounds, his pen and intensity of lyrical heat, is never compromised; it is accentuated with a southern twang and melodic accompaniment.

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New Video Alert @yudagomercy (Zoo Atlanta) Trailer Video Coming Soon 7/24/20 Produced by: King Dj & @dahoodanr Mixed by: @djbradatl Re-Recorded @ YMG Studios Chicago @ymgornothing Mastered by: Rodney Mills Written and arranged by: @yudagomercy Filmed/Edited by: @coltonbachar Directed by: Colton Bachar & Yudago Mercy Executive Produced by: Yudago Music Group #worldpremiere #radio #new #exclusive #Atlradio #hot #dope #viral #v103atlanta #YMGORNOTHING #YMGLIFESTYLE #YMG #litty #drippy #epic #instagood #videooftheday @ymgornothing #videooftheday #viral #epic #music #trending #ymgyudago #explorepage On set Music Provided by: @iamdjyungin

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Using a creative process that treats recording like a discipline, Yudago pens and conceptualize his projects before stepping into a booth. “Three minutes can change someone’s life.” Once I receive the beat in preproduction, I put myself in a comfortable headspace and allow the words to take shape within the music. Immediately, I know what I want to talk about. Once I do hit the studio, I take care of business and I’m out–usually capturing the song in one take.”

Yudago’s style of spitting lyrical heat that has always met with dynamic production seems to be his formula to successful song craftsmanship.

Message From The Artist

“Where I am now, both artistically and professionally, was predestined but not easy to reach.

Early in my career, I struggled finding my voice as a lyrical artist. I sounded like the next guy that said he wanted to rap and rode the wave of whatever sound was popular, which kinda had me all over the place.

I read this book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which helped change that. The novel ultimately taught me that I’m the architect of my own dreams and that I innately possess all it takes to achieve them, without fear or regard to my peers or popularity.

I learned that being all over the place wasn’t necessarily a bad thing once bridled and understood. My voice and eclectic sound started to take shape, and I ultimately discovered who I am as an artist and how to give that to the world.”

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Yudago Mercy A.K.A. DJ FIA

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