Lady Saw Feeds the Hungry

Though on stage and in her music she is often referred to as being ‘Bad’, the Queen of the Dancehall Lady Saw, is a ‘Good Samaritan’ at heart.

On Thursday, Lady Saw along with members of the Lady Saw Foundation took to Downtown Kingston to serve food to scores of homeless and needy men and women.

“I just woke up and cook some rice and peas and brown stew chicken and mek some drinks in a big igloo. I always cook for them in Christmas but sometimes they see me on the road and remind me about it, so I just wanted to do it this time,” Lady Saw told the STAR.

“The food finish so quick. They were so happy. I wish UDC could give me a building. Give me one of them old buildings downtown. I will fix it up and cook for them there. There could be a bathroom at the back, where they could shower. I would love to ask UDC to give me one of those buildings,” she stressed.

But this is not Lady Saw’s only charitable gesture. Just last month, Lady Saw provided back to school goodies for children at the Galina Primary School in St Mary of which she is a past student.

“Tomorrow (Friday), I’ll be going back to Galina Primary to give out computers. The school asked me for some computers so I got them two nice ones. I always look out for kids and old people but I never really talk about it,” she said.

She also provides shelter for abused women who see her as their ‘Hope’.

“I want to build a shelter for abused women.I’ve been talking to Mrs Simpson-Miller about it,” she said.


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