JamesEarlWoodz: The Renaissance Man

JamesEarlWoodz: The Renaissance Man

JamesEarlWoodz rapper inside grocery store

The definition of a Renaissance Man is someone with many significant talents in various subjects. These days it’s essential for an artist to expand their expertise in the music industry, and no one knows this importance more than JamesEarlWoodz.

“Guava” video by Jameseatlwoodz

Not only is James a solo artist, but he’s also the CEO of Beat Taggaz™ as well. With his hands in everything from rapping, singing, songwriting, management, promotion, graphics, and visual design, he defines what it means to be a DIY independent powerhouse.

His debut EP “South Hills” is set for release on Valentine’s Day 2020. Laced with smooth vocals and hype melodic hooks, you could likely expect more than a few bangers on this freshman project. The first single off the EP is a song titled “Cut a Check” and is produced by Beat Taggaz™ own DJ Verdict. A video for the track is now available on Youtube, be sure to check it out for a sneak peek of what’s in store this coming year.

If February is too long of a wait, you can always check out some of his previous work on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. For other business inquiries and to stay updated on music-related news, be sure to follow James at @jamesearlwoodz on Instagram.

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JamesEarlWoodz: The Renaissance Man

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