Razor B sparks a new ‘vagina-burning’ dancehall craze

Dancehall artiste Razor B has sparked a new ‘vagina-burning’ dancehall craze with his sexually explicit single, Hot Up, that was released earlier this year.

The trend started on social media where females take photos of themselves seemingly putting fire to their private parts. In doing the dance, the women use a piece of burning paper to pat their pubic region.

That trend has now crept into the dancehall, and according to Razor B, it is the females way of showing their appreciation to the song.

Hot Up is my biggest song to date and it is giving me a lot of attention in the dancehall arena right now. The females have been doing their dance to the song and now to see them lighting fires in appreciation of the song, I am concerned, but I give thanks still for the support,” Razor B said.

The artiste says the craze has helped to draw more attention to the song with the accompanying music video receiving over 150,000 views on YouTube. Some viewers have also voiced their disgust of the images, but Razor B doesn’t seem bothered by the comments.

“The video has been getting mixed views and reviews, but mostly positive. It really showcases the dance for the ladies to catch on as they are in love with the song,” he added.

While Razor B is pleased with the reception, online viewers voiced their concerns.

“Ladies are setting their p…. on fire in the dancehall now, what is next? It’s bad enough you are taking gas cylinder to the dance, some of unno a guh explode,” one viewer posted on Twitter.

On Facebook, another person posted similar views.

“No man, dem a tek this to far. Hope dem tek wey dem get when dem do them crosses deh to dem self for a one hype,” the person said.

But this is not the first time this has happened, as over the years dancehall has developed a reputation for outlandish dance moves. The sexually-charged genre has thrived off such controversies, making headlines on popular international TV shows ranging from Tru TV to Ridiculousness on MTV.

Outrageous dancehall moves which caught attention in recent times include ‘Walk Like A Dog’ promoted by Radijah, ‘Dutty Whine’ popularised by Tony Matterhorn, ‘Dutty Weave’ by Macka Diamond and the ‘Gas Pan Challenge’ which was not exactly a dance move, but was equally alarming to the general public.


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